Coaching a team or running a studio is not an easy task. I can consult on a “as-needed” basis so that your team or studio become the best in your state.

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    Thomas ran a stunt clinic for our brand new Green Canyon High School cheer squad. The girls had very little stunting or cheering experience, but Thomas gave them the skills and the confidence they needed to feel good about starting up the year. He was positive and encouraging, he emphasized safety and technique, and the girls had a great time! He also worked with our mascots and taught them about the traditions of mascots, how to be appropriately interactive with the crowd, and how to involve the crowd in the game. We are hoping to get him to come back this year to give us another great start to our year!
    Nan Koebbe
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    In the year and a half I took tumbling from Thomas I progressed and learned more than I had ever learned from any coach prior. He has excellent coaching techniques and knows exactly how to make you understand how to execute a new skill. He is always high energy and pushes you to be the best you can be and connects really well with all of his students. I would highly recommend him as a coach to anyone.
    Izzy Glaittli 
    Ridgeline Drill Team
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    We got referred to Thomas from a friend and from the minute my daughter started private lessons with him she loved him so much!! When she started she could basically just do a kart wheel and with in a few months with Thomas she could do her Ariel’s and then she was on to her round off backhand spring and then two backhand springs🤸🏻‍♀️ Thomas has the most amazing positive attitude and Gabrielle loved how he always cheered her on he also always did conditioning with Gabrielle and I love that because she was always getting stronger and I never worried about her getting injured because he took time to build her strength. Thomas was always so amazing to work with if we needed to change time or  reschedule he always worked with s and never missed a lesson. We have had several other tumbling coaches and not one compares to Thomas!! Thank you Thomas for everything you did for Gabrielle!! One more thing I just remembered he really stresses technique Gabrielle’s Ariel’s are amazing always pointing toes and perfect technique! He’s the best!! Please move back home😃
    Heidi Atkinson
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    Thomas is quite simply, an amazing coach. He started coaching my oldest daughter in 2014 when she was 8 years old. It was the first private lesson he ever taught. He instantly built a rapport with us both. He taught her many skills over the 3 years he taught her. Aerials, backhand springs, back tucks, just to name a few. But even more than that, he taught her to have fun, to be passionate, to be dedicated and to work hard. He was her biggest cheerleader, and when she would gain a new skill, he would send me videos instantly if I wasn’t there to see it. After 2 years, my then 5 year old daughter joined in the lesson. She had watched Thomas and my oldest together and was excited to join in on the fun. And just like my oldest, gained a confidence in the gym I never thought possible from such a shy child. Thomas radiates energy and positivity. And while we are devastated to lose him as a coach, we are so thankful for the positive influence he has been in our lives- and happy to know that there are others out there who will get to benefit from the truly wonderful person, coach and friend that he is.
    Natalie Harris
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    In the fall of 2017, Thomas Belliston came and taught a tumbling clinic for the Bear River High School Hi-Steppers (high school drill team). The goal of the camp was to help each of the girls get an aerial on at least one side. Thomas was an awesome coach and the girls loved working with him! Thomas was able to explain the mechanics of an aerial in many different ways to each of the girls. He explained exactly how the movement should be performed and what it should look like. Thomas broke down the movement step by step so that each girl had an understanding of exactly what they should be doing. We also really liked how Thomas gave the girls different exercises and strengthening movement to improve their tumbling ability. Thomas was also really good at pushing each of the girls. Based on their individual tumbling ability, Thomas made sure to push the specific skill level of each girl. We saw growth in each of the girls in just one hour of practice with Thomas, no matter what they started at at the beginning of the camp. All of the girls commented on how fun Thomas was to work with and how much they enjoyed the camp. We would definitely love to have Thomas come back and work with us again!! Definitely a 5 STAR COACH!!
    Susan Adams
    Head Drill Team Coach at Bear River High School -Garland, UT